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It was fabulous to meet you; your presentation that I participated in was refreshing – thank you for the great info and perspective.

What a pleasure to have you speak to our senior managers today.  It is
exactly what they needed!  I was still hearing who had which personality and
why at the office at 5:30 when I left today.  Your presentation was so
relevant to our group and we appreciate you very much.

And thank you for being you.  What a wonderful soul you have and such an
awesome gift to share it with others.

A special thanks to Peg.  You made me proud of what I do and the way I do it.  After 40 years in this business, there are days when you just feel beaten down and we all need to be reminded why we are here.

Peg's presentation was great.  I really enjoyed her message!

Absolutely loved and enjoyed your presentation.

You are amazing !!

Thank You for your time. It was a pleasure to hear your presentation.
It helps me to appreciate the amazing differences of all team members!

One of the best presentations I have seen!!

Thank you Peg! I will always remember you from The Core of Knowledge for Nurses seminar. I still have your book "Delegate or Suffocate" from 4 years ago when I attended.

Thank you! I just was given another promotion that will go into effect next week!

It was fun!! Thank you.

It was a great experience! I really enjoyed Peg's presentation and humor…it helped remind me why I love my job and nursing. I will be applying many things she presented, as well as items in her book to my current work situation.
God Bless!


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