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Q: What states can you place transitional professionals?
A: We have the ability to place professionals in transitional positions nationwide.

Q: What are the costs involved?
A: Our goal is to locate a professional as close to the facility or corporate headquarters as possible to keep your costs as low as possible. However, sometimes, the person available is not within a commutable distance.  This may necessitate reimbursement by the facility for meals each day.  Tobin & Associates will work with your organization in every way possible to keep the cost down in on each assignment.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for controlling costs?
A: There are several ways an organization can reduce their costs.  For example, if you have a “campus” or a “sister facility” with a vacant apartment, you can set up the independent contractor in this apartment. You can negotiate a lower rate with a local hotel. You can negotiate travel time and food costs. You can offer to have one of the meals each day to be supplied by the facility. Tobin & Associates will work with your organization in every way possible to keep the costs down on each assignment.

Q: How do we interview the candidate if they are so far away?
A: When distance is a factor, most interviews are conducted over the telephone. You have the choice to contact the candidate or we can have the candidate call you.

Q: How does the professional receive reimbursement for hours worked and expenses?
A: Generally, the independent contractor invoices us each week. We then send you an invoice (supplemented by copies of the contractor’s invoice and expenses) and we will reimburse the independent contractor. Or, if you prefer to put the Contractor on your payroll, we can invoice you for the difference.

Q: How does the Professional independent contractor receive reimbursement for services rendered?
A: The independent contractor will submit a weekly invoice. Another approach has been to have the independent contractor become a temporary employee of the organization.

Q: Can we ask the independent contractor to submit to a Drug Test?
A: Yes.

Q: If we want to hire the independent contractor for the permanent position how does this work?
A:When an organization wants to hire a transitional independent contractor, they notify Tobin & Associates of the “official” start date and first-year salary for the position. At this time, we will update the status of the independent contractor from a transitional to a permanent position.

Q: If I locate and hire a permanent candidate, what are my obligations to you and the independent contractor? 
A:You should provide a seven-day written notice to both us and the independent contractor.

Q: What happens if the independent contractor does not want to stay on the assignment? 
A: Tobin & Associates will speak with the contractor to see if things can be worked out. If not, we will provide you with other candidates for you to choose a replacement for the current contractor.

Q: What if we do not like the independent contractor once they are on the assignment?
A: Notify Tobin & Associates, and we will provide you with other candidates to choose a replacement. 

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