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Q: Where do you find candidates and how can you do more than we can on our own?
A: We have an internal network of thousands of resumes that we have accepted directly from interested candidates. Our candidate base grows daily as we contact and network with professionals nationwide. We focus on building relationships and are able to stay involved in each professional’s career development. Our goal is to know the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, preferences, geographic preferences and salary requirements. We operate under strict guidelines of confidentiality. If you have a need to replace an existing employee but cannot openly post or recruit for the position, we can help. We are a “third party”; therefore, we can actively gather resumes or pre-determined candidates for you without revealing the specifics of the position or your company name. We do the work of narrowing down the candidates, allowing you to choose the "best fit" for your company.

Q: How do you screen candidates?
A: This is what we do full time, and we have developed a variety of techniques to carefully screen candidates. We are candid and share both the positive aspects of the position and the challenges that come with the position. Our honesty saves your company valuable time and resources. We will only send you resumes of candidates who have the desire and skill set to achieve the rewards and meet the challenges of the position head-on.

Q: Do you send bulk resumes? 
A: Tobin & Associates will not send a candidate’s resume to you unless we have screened the candidate and determined that they are a good fit and possess the qualifications your organization is requesting. We will not submit a resume without the permission of the candidate. We do realize that other recruitment firms submit resumes of candidates without contacting them and often submit without the candidate’s permission. Tobin & Associates promises you that this is not our practice, and we do not support this approach.

Q: What if you submit a resume of an individual and we already have their resume?
A: Inform your Search Consultant and we will back away from this candidate. At Tobin & Associates, we want to work with you, not against you.

Q: How much does the service cost? 
A: The cost will be a set percentage of the first year's salary.

Q: What types of positions do you typically service? 
A: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, VP of Clinical Operations, Regional Director of Operations, VP of Rehabilitation Services, Executive Director VP of Ancillary Services, Controller, Regional Nurse Consultant, Quality Assurance , Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Nursing Services, Licensed Social Worker, Acute Care Sales Director, Regional MDS Coordinator, MDS Coordinator 

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