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Diane P.
Lisa was excellent to work with. She conducted a very thorough assessment of our needs and was able to identify several suitable candidates immediately. I was truly impressed by her knowledge of the long term care industry and she would be my first call should I have the need in the future.

Michelle D. 
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you have done in sourcing candidates.  You are incredible at communicating with me and keeping me updated on where you were at in the process.  The candidates that you sent to me were exceptional and for no reason that you nor I could control, we unfortunately weren’t able to lock them in.  I enjoy our work relationship and it is so appreciated how much you go above and beyond to try to fill our needs.  Thank you so much!  I would love for you to forward this to your supervisor, if you could, as I hope your company realizes what a GEM of an employee they have in you-you are such an asset and because of the work you have done with me, you will definitely be my first choice for candidates.

Stefanie H.
Lisa was WONDERFUL!!  I called her in a moment of desperation and she came to my rescue!  Words cannot describe how much I appreciated her help and support when I was recruiting my DON.  She was perfect in every way.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone that needs assistance or use her if I have the need again.

Jackie K.
Jeff is my "go to" recruiter.

Wayne R.
Lisa Webert-Murphy was a pleasure to work with. She is a real gem on your team. Always upbeat and helpful.

Kris P.
Brett and Jami are a delight to work with on a daily/weekly basis. I have worked with Brett for years and he is always so
kind and helpful. I am very happy with the service provided. I hope we have many years together! Thanks for all you do.

Heather M.
It was a pleasure working with Jeff.

Dinah B.
"Dependability, professionalism, and positive feedback was all that I ever recieved from your oraganization. Working
with a tight schedule you made things easy for me. This is extremely important in my world."

Gen H.
Great Results, Personable, Expert:
"I recently reached out to Tobin & Associates to assist with a challenging nursing home administrator search and the
results were outstanding. Within a few days, they had presented my team with several solid candidates, one of whom
we just extended an offer to. They were thorough, had great follow-up, and were respectful of my time and my hiring
managers' time."

William A.
“Margaret (Peg) Tobin is an outstanding business executive. She is a results-oriented leader with the highest levels of
integrity and ethics. I would recommend Tobin & Associates to anyone looking for high quality leadership.” 

Jennifer B.
"Brett McVicker, I would like to thank you for the many years of friendship and good will. Please believe me when I tell
you that I recommend Tobin & Associates to anyone who asks me for advice in finding a position. I wish you the very
best and will regard you as one of the kindest, warm and truly good people that I have had the grace to aquaint
with. God bless you!"

Kevin S.
"I have worked with Lisa on 3 recruitment jobs for my skilled nursing facility and she has always been professional and
honest. Her work has yielded top candidates that have proven to be everything that Lisa said they would be. She is an
excellent communicator and takes the time to learn exactly what I am looking for. Her integrity and hard work set her
apart from others in her profession. If the need should arise, I would gladly work with Lisa again."

Carol T.
"I would like to share:
1. Recruiters are very helpful, friendly and work with their clients
2. Recruiters are very professional
3. Clients are treated as family
4. Recruiters look our for their clients

Thank you Jeff for adding your personal touch in my hiring process!"

Teresa B.
"Our newest placement from Tobin & Associates has been here as interim DON one week and the change is awesome!
She is quick to listen, to hear, to learn and to investigate. More than one nurse has told me, that it feels really good to
do real nursing work here! Thanks again for your great work!"

Chris G.
"Tobin & Associates helped connect me to my current employer; it's been a great match and I've felt that I am making a
difference in my role with my current employer. I appreciated their attention to detail, the careful screening of possible
employment matches to ensure it was a good "fit" and the thorough follow through during the process. I found the
Tobin staff to be very personable, trustworthy and caring. I highly recommend Tobin & Associates."

Christopher G.
"Lisa helped connect me to my current employer, it's been a great match and I've felt that I am making a difference in
my new role. I appreciated Lisa's attention to detail, her careful screening of possible employment matches to ensure it
was a "good fit" and her thorough follow through during the process. Lisa is very personable, trustworthy and caring. I
highly recommend Lisa and Tobin & Associates!" 

Lori V.
“Thank you for spending quality time with me to give me the opportunity of a lifetime. From the moment that we spoke,
there was an immediate connection and I felt confident having your assistance through this process. I sent Tobin &
Associates my resume and they took the time to critique it and improve it for the potential employer.  They took the
time to discuss the interview process with me and continued to follow up with me prior to and after my 1st and
2nd interview. 

They were very driven and very professional, and I would recommend that anyone searching for a great candidate to
work for their company or anyone looking for employment contact Tobin and Associates.  I know you will be just as
satisfied as I was.”

Paula J.
“ I feel compelled to let Tobin and Associates know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me since last
March.  You were a wonderful partner in my job search.  Immediately I knew that you were professional, organized,
caring and an expert at what you do.  I had never worked with a search team before and was very pleasantly
surprised.  My resume was updated and you fine tuned it before sending it out.  It was much more professional after
you tweaked it for me.  Then began the coaching aspect where you worked with me on my interview skills.  This was so
helpful and I believe made all the difference in my being chosen for the position.  You always had my best interest in
mind and gave your opinion when I asked.  You made the entire process so easy and comfortable.  You are a true
professional and I have enjoyed working with you so much.  It has been a pleasure to have you call me periodically to
see how things are going and help me put things in perspective.
I will definitely recommend Tobin and Associates to anyone that is looking for a position change!"

Tammy V.
"Lisa worked as a recruiter for me after completing my Bachelor's Degree. She was diligent, thorough and always
encouraging and motivating! There were times when I became frustrated with the job search but Lisa was always
patient and ready to help. After securing a great job with her help, I have since recommended several of my colleagues,
who were searching for a new position, to Lisa as well. Should I ever require recruiter assistance again, Tobin &
Associates will be my first contact!"

Billijean T.
“I have had the priviledge to work with Tobin & Associates on two separate occasions in two different positions. I love
working with them because they help you grow into the best worker you can be. Peg Tobin stimulates her co-workers
by teaching them to think for themselves and encourages them with laughter and praise.”

Pam L.
"Jeff, meeting and working with you was great. You were always professional, courteous and knowledgeable. You
encouraged me to take the next step! I'm so glad I did! You are a gifted recruiter and a blessing to me!"

Brent M.
"I have worked with Lisa over the last few months on several Executive Director placements. She has always been
professional with great communication. Her candidates have been well qualified and spot on for the role we had
available. I would recommend Lisa and Tobin & Associates!"

Steve B.
“Peg is one of the brightest and most talented nurse leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with in my health
care career. She is energitic, able to solve problems, and always a professional. I highly recommend working with Tobin
& Associates.” 


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