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Q: What does it mean to be a “transitional independent contractor”?
A: A transitional independent contractor is self employed. This individual selects and accepts the transitional (temporary) assignments of their choosing. They work when they want to, and they do not work when they want to take time off.

Q: What kind of assignments does your company focus on for independent contractors? 
A: Tobin & Associates focuses on management-level positions. We recruit qualified professional candidates who are appropriately licensed and are available for immediate placement.

Q: What are the benefits of being an independent contractor?  
A:Being an independent contractor is a rewarding profession. The experience one gains in assisting an organization in a crisis situation is invaluable. An independent contractor improves their value by the experience they receive working through different crisis situations and with different organizations. The independent contractor has flexibility. You “pick and choose” the assignments. You have the opportunity to make a name for yourself. Many of our independent contractors are requested by our clients once they have proven their abilities. Independent contractors can go in as a transitional hire and many times are offered a full time position. Being transitional allows the professional manager to fully understand the company and staff and to know if this organization is the right “fit” for them. Needless to say, this can be lucrative work. The independent contractor has the opportunity to travel and visit many states without having to move. 

Q: What documentation do I need to maintain to be an independent contractor? 
A: Documentation requirements vary depending on the company and/or position. Feel free to contact us regarding specific applications.

Q: Who makes the decision to use my services?  
A: The organization that is requesting your services will interview you as an independent contractor and the organization will make the decision.

Q: Once I am accepted for an assignment, how will I know the address of the assignment as well as contact information? 
A: The addendum to the contract will outline the name of the facility, address, telephone number, along with contact information and the reimbursement agreement. This addendum can be e-mailed, mailed, or faxed to you.

Q: Who do I report to when on assignment? 
A: You will report to the supervisor assigned to you by the client (organization). You will not be required to give any written or verbal updates to Tobin & Associates. Tobin & Associates will not require you to attend meetings arranged by us. Once an organization has selected you as the candidate and agreement has been reached between you and the client, the communication and relationship is between you, the independent contractor, and the client.

Q: Do independent contractors on transitional assignment receive employee benefits? 
A: An independent contractor is self employed. The independent contractor is responsible for their FICA, state, county, and city taxes, workers compensation, unemployment, health/dental insurance, time off, disability benefits, etc.

Q: How will I be reimbursed for my professional services? 
A: You will submit a business invoice with your expenses for reimbursement. The organization you are on assignment with will release the funds, and a check will be sent to the account or address you designate. With each new assignment, it takes two weeks from the receipt of the first invoice to receive the first reimbursement payment.

Q: Is there “overtime” pay as an independent contractor? 
A: This is an agreement that is negotiated between you and the client. The normal trend with organizations is to not allot for overtime or holiday pay. The organizations usually group payment for total hours worked on assignment.

Q: How do I receive reimbursement? 
A: As an independent contractor, you have two options: check or direct deposit.

Q: Does Tobin & Associates deduct taxes from my reimbursements?  
A: The independent contractor is self employed and is responsible for all taxes. We highly recommend that the independent contractor search out the assistance of a tax professional for tax planning and tax filing directions.

Q: What kind of form does Tobin & Associates provide me each year to file my taxes?   
A: Each year, the independent contractor will receive a 1099 Tax Form with a total of all the reimbursement payments made to him/her in the year. It is the responsibility of the independent contractor to keep his/her own business records and the breakdown of the expenses submitted. 


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